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Custom Nickel Plating of Flanges for the Automotive Industry

When plated parts are welded, the surface coating must be able to withstand extremely high temperatures. When an automotive industry customer needed just that kind of durability in a coating, they called Micro Metal Finishing, LLC. The coating on these parts was not only required to endure high welding temperatures during fabrication, but it also had to be able to maintain its adhesion in the heat of an engine compartment. Our customer required that their flanges for use in automotive fuel systems receive a high-quality nickel plating that could provide the heat resistance necessary to stand up to welding and deliver excellent adhesion properties thereafter. We began with our automated nickel plating line, which we then modified to create a modified nickel strike that provided excellent adhesion properties, even in extreme heat situations. Furthermore, to avoid failure in the field, it was important to develop an in-house test of the process for each lot prior to shipment. We used a bake and quench test where sample parts were heated to 1,000° F and then rapidly quenched in water to ensure there was no peeling of the plating from the substrate.

We used our skills and flexibility to modify our own processes for the full satisfaction of our customer. We then went the extra mile and developed the necessary testing procedures to guarantee performance of the nickel plating in the field. If this is the kind of expertise and customer dedication you need for your plating requirements, please contact us.

Nickel Plated Flange
Nickel Plated Flange
Flanges in Test Oven
Flanges in Test Oven

Custom Nickel Plating of Flanges Project Highlights

Project Name
Flanges for Automotive Fuel Systems
Project Description
A surface coating was needed that could withstand extremely high temperatures that occur when the parts is welded.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Nickel Plating
Equipment Used to Plate Part
Automated Nickel Plating Line
Material Finish
Nickel Plated
Plating Characteristics
Extreme Heat Resistance
Excellent Adhesion Properties
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
1000 °F Heat & Quench Test to Verify Adhesion
Industry for Use

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