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Serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance, Tool & Fasteners Industries
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About Micro Metal Finishing

OUR MISSION: To Provide High Quality Plating & On-Time Delivery

Automatic pH Control
Automatic pH Control

Micro Metal Finishing provides high volume metal finishing services for a wide range of industries including the automotive, appliance, tool and fastener industries. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have been providing expert quality metal finishing services since 1951.

Our long history of handling automotive safety components - such as seat belt buckles, child seat latches, and retractor base housings - has helped us build a first class quality system that tracks and documents the tight production controls we have in place. In fact Micro Metal Finishing began plating seat belt buckles in the 1950's.

Our quality laboratory is equipped with an Atomic Absorption unit to monitor plating tanks and an X-ray unit to precisely measure plating thickness. Micro Metal Finishing can provide control plans, P-PAP's and FEMA's for the processing of your parts as required.

Micro Metal Finishing has built up an excellent core of sub-suppliers who can provide any pre- and post-plate operations you may require such as heat treating, tumbling, deburring or polishing. These operations can be completely handled by Micro Metal Finishing so we provide you a “One Stop Processing Service.” We also can provide in house storage of the finished work and ship to you or your customer based on a defined requirements schedule.

Micro Metal Finishing has been a leader in quality and we continue to proud to have over fifteen continuous years of approval to ISO 9001.

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